Mario VellaLa mattanza delle ciliegiereview2008

 mg 5721b
 mg 5704b
 mg 5728b
 mg 5684b
 mg 5686b
Volksballons, installation, 2004

Christiane LötschNeue alte Weiblichkeitreview2008

Alexander KerlinKirschentod und Politik. Symposium über Diskursgesetze und Institutionreview2005

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Img 3816
Img 3844
Dsc 0522
Sounds like Catastrophes, performance, 2010
Img 1889
Img 1859
Img 1870
Img 1891
Img 1880
Schattenspiele, performance, installation, 2008

Jungmin SongDeath and the anthropomorphic life of objects in performance. Marina Abramović’s Nude with Skeleton and other animations [excerpt]essay2015

Handmade, video, 2007
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, performance, 2000
Good Hands, performance, 2005

Martin HargreavesObservations and visible definitions [excerpt]review2002

Mario Dietze“Good Hands” von und mit Eva Meyer-Kellerreview2006

 mg 4927
Dsc 9358
 mg 4961
Dsc 9363
Dsc 9377
Pulling Strings, performance, 2013
Polaroidamsterdam 0017
Polaroidamsterdam 0032
Polaroidamsterdam 0014
Polaroidamsterdam 0031
Polaroidamsterdam 0006
Polaroid, performance, 1998

Vera TollmannEva Meyer-Keller: Building after Catastrophes / Handmadeessay2014

Cooking catastrophes  mg 4377
Cooking catastrophes  mg 4384
Cooking catastrophes  mg 4388
Cooking catastrophes  mg 4432
Cooking catastrophes  mg 4415
Cooking Catastrophes, performance, 2011
Fungal Safari, performance, 2014
Eva%202 1
Eva%203 1
Eva%201 1
Proper dancing in the background, performance, video, 2000
Img 0813 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Img 0819 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Img 0823
Img 0833
Img 0845
De-Placed, video, installation, 2009
Sequenz%2001 12
Sequenz%2001 10
Sequenz%2001 11
Sequenz%2001 11a
Sequenz%2001 14
Holiday Shot, video, 2003

Eva Meyer-Keller, Hanna Sybille MüllerBauen nach Katastrophenessay2009

Von Menschen gemacht, video, 2010

Melanie SuchyCooking Catastrophereview2012

Sequenz%2001 2 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Sequenz%2001 6 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Sequenz%2001 10 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Sequenz%2001 12 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Sequenz%2001 13 2%20digit%20serial%20number
Pulling Strings, video, video, 2014
Img 9793 dna horizontal
Somesignificance amirhossein mashaherifard 1
Somesignificance lisa schneider 4
Some Significance , performance, 2017
 mg 4157
Img 1680
Img 1611
Img 1619
Img 1622
Pulling Strings, installation, installation, 2013

Tim Etchells In one sense never different and in another sense never the same. Some thoughts on Eva Meyer Keller’s comical tragedy “Death is Certain”.essay2006

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Horenzeggen foto
Hearsay, performance, 2002

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Kristin WestphalTheater/Kunst mit Kindern - Am Beispiel einer Performance mit Kindern von Eva Meyer-Keller und Sybille Mülleressay2014

Ordinator%20animation alle%20kopie
Ordinator, performance, installation, 2002
Kareneliott color 01
Kareneliott color 02
Kareneliott color 03
Kareneliott color 04
Kareneliott color 05
It's a kind of magic, performance, 2003
 mg 9921
 mg 9937
Things on a table, performance, 2016

Christina RöferHarmlose Vorstellung? Eva Meyer-Kellers Inszenierung Death is certain als infames Wechselspiel der Wahrnehmung essay2015

Himmelsko%cc%88rperprep 0003
Himmelsko%cc%88rperprep 0011
Himmelskörper, installation, 2001

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Susanne Traub, Jochen KieferTools in movement: Eva Meyer-Keller on perception and choreographyinterview2013

MBExperimental chemistreview2014

The nicest, most outlandish ideas … . review2009

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2 bnk preview dscf3292
19 img 1341
22 mg 5168 b
24 mg 5119 b
Building after Catastrophes, performance, 2007
 mg 6482
 mg 6509
 mg 6601
 mg 6574
 mg 6578
Pulling Strings, Deus Ex Machina, performance, 2014

Danjel AnderssonDanjel Andersson berättar om programmet inför Perfect Performance #5. www.perfectperformance.sevideo, review2009

Christiane LötschKreatives Tötenreview2008

Ylva Lagercrantz Spindler COOKING CATASTROPHES Nybohovs Festlokal, Liljeholmen Officiell premiär 8 septemberreview2011

lecture: Constanze SchellowDer Böse Blick des ‚Autoriums’. Zur Ambivalenz des Zuschauens in zeitgenössischer Tanz-Performance am Beispiel von Eva Meyer-Kellers Death is certainessay2015

2013%2001%2019%20hors%20piste%20eva%20meyer%20keller%20%c2%a9herve%cc%81%20ve%cc%81rone%cc%80se 48
2013%2001%2019%20hors%20piste%20eva%20meyer%20keller%20%c2%a9herve%cc%81%20ve%cc%81rone%cc%80se 40
2013%2001%2019%20hors%20piste%20eva%20meyer%20keller%20%c2%a9herve%cc%81%20ve%cc%81rone%cc%80se 8
2013%2001%2019%20hors%20piste%20eva%20meyer%20keller%20%c2%a9herve%cc%81%20ve%cc%81rone%cc%80se 10
2013%2001%2019%20hors%20piste%20eva%20meyer%20keller%20%c2%a9herve%cc%81%20ve%cc%81rone%cc%80se 19
Death is Certain, performance, video, 2002

David Reuter Vom Objekttheater zur Kunst in Aktionessay2007

Art meets science meets nature review2009

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circlesquare, video, 2016

Eva Meyer-Keller, Sybille Müller Zerstörungsphantasien mit Sahne. Gedanken über die Zukunftessay2014

Eva Meyer-Keller, Uta EisenreichOrdinator Manualsessay2002

Kitchenrecdock11 0012
Kitchenrecdock11 0009
Kitchenrecdock11 0010
Kitchenrecdock11 0013
Kitchenrecdock11 0015
Kitchen Rec, performance, installation, 1997
 mg 6286 ps
 mg 6294 ps
 mg 6055 ps
 mg 6324 ps
 mg 6093 ps
Pulling Strings Sudan, performance, 2013

Cathrin Elss-SeringhausMit Kirsch-Aromareview2008

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Alexandra BaudelotLe petit monde féerique de l'artreview2004

Quim Pujol asks Eva Meyer-Keller3 Fragen an Eva Meyer-Keller / 3 preguntas a Eva Meyer-Kellervideo, interview2013

Eva Meyer-Keller, Uta EisenreichOrdinator Manuals2002

Manuals of Ordinator
Ordinator, 2002

Welcome to Ordinator

Ordinator is a system to file and structure information. Ordinator is creating an operating environment that corresponds to the organisational structures of digital tools. All objects carried into this room will be ordered, filed and counted. Objects carrying data, e.g. CDs will be played. Broken objects will be repaired and displayed in the ‘Sofia Hulten’ Gallery. A coordinate system will be applied as an extra layer on top of everything. This intertwined system is disturbed by a virus and repaired by Dr. Norton. Rubbish will be dragged and archived in a field called ‘trash can’. The system operators can update the whole system if necessary. One hour after the beginning a photo of the resulting order will be taken.


You have just been chosen for an extremely important function!
We have tested your special competence and found you highly qualified for this job.
This order will have to be completed within an hour. Make sure that you are finished by this time. Throughout the operation you may receive an order via mobile phone. You will have to interrupt your function in order to interpret and fulfill the order.
You are asked to fulfil your task the best you can, because the whole system and all your co-workers are relying on you. One hour after the beginning a photograph of the result of your work will be taken. Work efficiently and quickly to be finished at this time. We trust in your abilities.
The chain is as strong as its weakest link.


Welcome all guests, give them this instruction and lead them to the STUFFIT EXPANDER DESK.
Point out to the guests to take off their jackets, bags, scarves, hats, to empty their bags and pockets and give all their possessions to the PROPERTY EXPLORER. In case there are certain objects that the owner wouldn’t like to be exposed then it is possible to leave them in the bag.
Introduce all guests one after the other into their specific tasks. Answer all the questions they might have.


Measure all the guests that didn’t get introduced to other functions and order them according to their height. You can individually measure them with a tape measure or make them stand all next to each other to be able to see their height in relationship. Give each USER a label: No.1 for the smallest person and no.20 for the tallest, fill in the name of each USER on the label and seat them according to their number on the chairs. When seating the USERS, ask them to keep their mobile phones and give each one a USER’S manual. During your activities the PROTECTION/CONTAINER MANAGER will escort the USERS to the STUFFIT EXPANDER DESK. The P/C MANAGER is informed about keeping the mobile phones.


Receive all the possessions of each USER or functions and open their bags and pockets with the agreement of the owner. Take out ALL objects, including keys, purses, loose coins, tampons, pens, unused and used tissues and ripped paper etc. Please ask all the USERS to keep their mobile phones and ensure that they are switched ON. Try to make them give you as many of their belongings as possible. Be kind and always ask for permission, accept denial, see how far you can go (shoes, socks…) Lay out all the objects on the table so that the OWNERSHIP MANAGER can mark them with a sticker. The marked objects will be fetched by FILE MAKER, DIAL UP CONNECTION, etc.


You are working together with PROPERTY EXPLORER. While he is taking out all the objects of a USER check the sticker on his name label.
Mark all the objects that are laid out in front of you with the same colour sticker you see on this persons label. Make sure that you use the same coloured sticker for all the objects of one person. Then begin with another colour for the next person (according to their colour sticker). Also mark one white paper bag with a sticker.
If Functions hand in their possessions draw an ‘x’ on all their stickers so as not confuse the belongings.


Your task is it to paint the mirrors white with buttermilk as quickly and evenly as possible. You are doing this together with SCREEN MAKER 2. Do this in a way that it is not possible to see yourself in the mirror anymore. Start painting where the two mirrors meet and work your way from there to the other side of the room.
If the buttermilk dries too slowly for the projection to be seen, then you can ask your partner USER for help (you can recognize him, because he/she’ll have the same coloured sticker). Ask the USER to speed up the drying procedure by blow-drying.


Work together with FILEMAKER NO.2 Take all the objects from the STUFFIT EXPANDER DESK. Decide on groups of objects (e.g. books, purses, keys, pencils, cigarettes, condoms, tampons, medicine, photographs…). Order the objects according to the groups. Lay them on the floor in lines next to each other. Start a new Line for each group. Count all objects of each group and write down the number on the right side of each line. Trash will be taken away by the TRASH CAN, things that could be repaired or cleaned will be taken away by the FILE REPAIR SERVICE, MEDIA PLAYER will play all the music he/she finds, FILEMAKER NO.3 PROPERTY/ CONTAINER MANAGER will collect all jackets, hats and bags.
Try to get as many objects as possible and sort them out into as many groups as necessary. Work swift and quickly.


Your work consists of two parts: in the first part you work together with the USER MANAGER. In agreement with the USER MANAGER take the USERS one by one and escort them to the STUFFIT EXPANDER DESK so that they can feed the system with their possessions. Please, make sure that the USERS keep their mobile phones.
After the OWNERSHIP MANAGER has labelled the coats, scarves, hats, gloves and bags, the second part of your job begins: take all these objects to the ballet barre. Hang them next to each other over the barre according to their smell (e.g. the best smelling all the way to the left and the worst smelling all the way to the right)


Collect the mobile phones of each Function. Ask them for their numbers including the country code and write them down on your notepad. Put phones in your designated area.
Write the complete numbers with lipstick on the mirror. Take care that you write big enough for the users to read them.
Throughout the performance the USERS may call one of the numbers that you have written down. In this case take the ringing phone and carry it to a Function of your choice. Tell this person to pick up the phone. He/she will receive an order by one of the users. After this you take the phone back to its place. If there are more than one phones ringing, you have to get organised.


Look for trash-objects, that you find at the FILEMAKERS or at other places in the room. Attach each single object on the red string and drag them into the trash can field. Try to get as much garbage as possible. If you find several similar objects (e.g. 10 egg shells) you can glue them onto the same string and drag them over the floor. You may use a fresh piece of red string for each piece of trash. If you have doubts as to weather an object with a sticker is trash or not, go and find the owner and ask them. If the FILE REPAIR SERVICE wants to fix things from the trash, argue with her/him.


Use all devices e.g. Walkman, Discman, laptop and amplify them with the loudspeakers. Try to make an interesting sound collage of all the media you can find. You can use the Dictaphone to sample some live sound pieces that you record yourself. Vary the loudness of what you are playing, or play from different devices at the same time. Use silence as much as you use sound.


Document the whole event and ask each function or person present to describe their job.


Prepare 6 times the amount of recipe of the ‘Quarkwaffeln’. Do this in teamwork with the other WAFFELBURNER. When baked, split the waffles to heart shape parts and distribute them in the room according to the sketch beneath. It should result in a co-ordinate system. Before you lay them out on the floor, make sure you have cut out some heart shaped pieces from the baking paper that you can lie the waffles on. When the hearts lie on the floor in the right position and on the paper, use a strainer to put some icing sugar on and around the waffles. Quarkwaffeln:
750g Quark (curd cheese)
18 eggs
250g sugar
900g flour
500g butter
grated lemon peel


Put on the virus costume. Play ‘4 in one row’ with Dr. NORTON. Every time you win, you can paralyse a function (person). You do that by whispering the word 'tea' in their ears, with a breathy voice. Your aim is to break down the entire system, so it is important that you attack the most vital functions. The functions are immobilised, they have to stand on a stool until they are cured by DR. NORTON. Every time he wins, he can cure one infected function at the time. DR. NORTON and THE SYSTEM OPERATORS are immune, you can not infect them.


Put on the DR. NORTON costume. Play ‘4 in one row’ with VIRUS. Your challenge is to win against the virus. With every match you win, you can cure one paralysed function caused by the virus. You cure the functions attacked by the virus by giving them a spoonful of medicine.


Go and look at all the objects in the room, find objects that are broken, ripped, dirty, filthy and repair or clean them. Don’t put the repaired objects back to where you found them, but display them in the ‘Sofia Hulten’ gallery. Do it well and the owner of the object is going to be happy. At the very end, after the photo is taken, give the repaired objects back to the grateful owners.


You work as a medium for your user. You let him write a message on a piece of paper, Leave the room and look for someone from the outside (in a cafe, on the street, e.t.c.) to communicate with the user. Carry a pen and let the person from the outside world respond to the message. If you don't find anyone who is willing, try not to give up. Be inventive! If worst comes to worst you could call a friend: read the messages to him e.t.c. Your challange is to stimulate a communication between those two partners, that will stay unknown to each other.


You have been chosen to be a USER of ORDINATOR.
As such you will be watching the activities of the people on the hard drive. We kindly ask you to use at least once the ORDER BY CALL function described below:
Call one of the telephone numbers written on the mirror in the back of the space. When your call is received, give one of the following orders:
Try to keep the call as short as possible, making sure that your order is understood. Then hang up and watch what happens.